Honor Society

Adult Degree Honor Society

Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society

Gamma Omega Delta Chapter: George Fox University Adult Degree Program

The Adult Degree Program is proud to have a chapter of Alpha Sigma Lambda to honor adult students with high academic achievement.

Alpha Sigma Lambda's aim is to recognize the special achievements of adults who accomplish academic excellence while facing competing interests of home and work.

Alpha Sigma Lambda is dedicated to the advancement of scholarship and recognizes high scholastic achievement in an adult student's career through the earning of a bachelor's degree.

Through leadership born of effort, both scholastically and fraternally, Alpha Sigma Lambda inspires its candidates to give of their strengths to their fellow students and communities through their academic achievements.

Membership Criteria

Eligibility criteria for membership follows the national standards established by Alpha Sigma Lambda.

Student members shall be comprised of George Fox University students who meet the following criteria.

  • Members must be matriculated and have a minimum of twenty-four graded semester hours taken through and graded at George Fox University in an undergraduate degree program. These college credits must not include transfer credits.
  • At least twelve credits of the student’s total credits should be earned in courses in Liberal Arts/Sciences, not including applied Arts/Sciences courses. Accepted transfer courses may be added to the 24 credits earned at this institution until the Liberal Arts/Sciences requirements are fully satisfied.  Students must be active and enrolled in the final semester of cohort courses.
  • Members shall be selected only from the highest twenty percent of the class who have twenty-four graded credits and are matriculated in an undergraduate degree program.
  • Those selected must have a minimum grade point index of 3.2 on a 4.0 scale. The cumulative scholastic record of the student as interpreted by George Fox University shall be the basis for computing scholastic eligibility.