Professor Greg teaching students


The English Language Institute is a support system for students whose first language is not English or for those who have difficulty creating text using academic English ads opposed to everyday informal conversational English. University papers require students to produce papers and read text that is more formal and often uses advanced vocabulary. Thus it is necessary for students in higher education to possess the skill of academic English in order to write college essays, create reports or literature analysis. They need to read and understand college textbooks, and perform skills in other areas of university coursework.

The English Language Institute (ELI) is designed to provide academic support in the form of additional time with a faculty member of ELI on a once-a-week basis to assist the student in writing and/or homework of a specific course. Students need to sign up for this additional 1 to 2 hour commitment with ELI office at or leave a message at 503-554-2640.