Project Management Minor

Diversify your education with the addition of our 18 credit project management minor

Specifically designed to guide students in becoming effective project managers, equipped with the technical skills and behavioral competencies necessary to deliver successful projects in today’s fast-paced business environment.  These additional classes are invaluable as the curriculum is based upon both the International Project Management Association (IPMA) and Project Management Institute (PMI) standards.

Students completing a minor would complete the following classes along with those in their selected major:

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Minor Requirements

Project Management Minor Requirements (18 hours)

Complete the following:

Required for Project Management majors and minors. Waterfall Project Management Methodologies exposes students to waterfall project management processes, knowledge areas, and lifecycles. From initiating to closing, students will learn the relationship between the process groups of the Project Management Institute PMIĀ® and the respective knowledge areas. Waterfall scheduling concepts will be utilized while learning to deliver a complete project management plan, from project charter to project close. Students will apply their knowledge through development of a team-oriented project. Industry accepted Project management software will be used to support the course material. Prerequisite: MPJM 418 Introduction to Project Management
Required for Project Management majors and minors. Introduction to Project Management provides students an overview of project management with a focus on the role of effective project management in achieving operational and strategic goals. Students will be introduced to ways to integrate and mange projects in modern organizations, while keeping projects on schedule and within budget by using a systematic approach for planning, scheduling, and controlling projects. Students will learn about various methodologies for project delivery. Industry accepted project management software will be used to support the course material. Students will prepare a project plan at the first level of difficulty. Prerequisite: MGOL 403 Organizational Theory
Required for Project Management majors and minors. Agile Project Management Methodologies provides students with experience using Agile Project Management methodologies with a focus on SCRUM. Students will explore the operational cycles of an Agile implementation in modern project management organizations. Students will be introduced to the various roles involved in Agile delivery and integration with the modern Agile life cycle. Students will participate in an Agile Project Management plan, delivering artifacts required of good Agile practitioners. Prerequisite: MPJM 412 Waterfall Project Management Methodologies
Required for Project Management majors and minors. Project Risk Management provides a framework for approaching, evaluating and implementing project risk principles to obtain optimal project results. Students will understand a variety of methods deployed in the project management industry to manage and respond to risks in projects, including a variety of components that integrate into a complete risk attitude and appetite for an organization. Students will introduced to tools and methods for project management. Prerequisite: MPJM 412 Waterfall Project Management Methodologies, MPJM 419 Agile Project Management Methodologies and MGOL 410 Financial Decision Making
Required for Project Management majors and minors. Ethics for Project Managers explores the ethical responsibilities project managers face in the workplace. Topics of discussion include creating an ethical climate, decision making when interests differ, and managing through conflict. Students will explore their own ethical boundaries and apply ethical reasoning to dilemmas posed. Students will become familiar with the Project Management Institute's (PMI) Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct along with a variety of theories and perspectives. Prerequisite: MPJM 424 Project Risk Management and MGOL 407 Christian Faith and Thought
Required for Project Management majors and minors. Team Leadership and Management culminates the Project Management degree program. In this course, students will evaluate themselves as leaders, and understand their position as project leaders working to deliver the strategic objectives of a business. Students will explore the complexities of virtual teams, especially in a global environment. Leadership styles will be explored in depth; students will explore their own styles and create a leadership development plan. Prerequisite: MPJM 412 Waterfall Project Management Methodologies, MPJM 419 Agile Project Management Methodologies
In addition, students minoring in project management are eligible to take electives to gain field experience in project management and/or assist in preparing for the: IPMA Student Certification in Project Management, PMI CAPM or PMP certification examinations.

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