Technology Management Minor

Broaden your professional skill set with the addition of a 21-credit technology management minor.

The technology management minor enables students to focus on the specific technology related classes unique to the technology management major. Students will develop expertise in enterprise application integration, cloud integration and risk mitigation, and the customer-interfacing needs of various non-profit organizations.

Students completing a minor would complete the following classes along with those in their selected major:

TMGT 410 Management of Information Systems
3 semester credits. This course provides an overview of information systems with a focus on the current information technologies and the role of information systems in achieving the operational and strategic goals of several non-profit and profit-based organizations. The course will focus on assessing internal and external customer needs and provide them with cost-efficient and effective solutions. Students will explore how to integrate, maintain and manage information technology in modern organizations.

TMGT 420 Emerging Information Technologies
3 semester credits. This course is designed to encourage learners to develop the forethought required to examine new technology and weigh their potential to add value to a corporation. The learner will gain the ability to recognize an emerging technology, propose it to a business leader, and defend the position with a critical examination of its potential to support a business initiative while mitigating the risk inherent in innovation.

TMGT 430 Database Planning and Management
3 semester credits. This course focuses on the role of data integration in implementing enterprise-wide information systems. The learner will explore various standards for conceptual data modeling and planning when preparing to deploy an enterprise-wide information system. The goal is to prepare students with the necessary knowledge relating to stakeholder requirements, database design, functions, and business objectives in order to successfully manage system implementation.

TMGT 440 Enterprise Architecture Design and Management
3 semester credits. This course focuses on developing a blueprint for systematically and completely defining an organization current (baseline) or desired (target) environment. The goal of Enterprise architecture design is to examine the organization's mission, business functions, information flows, and systems environments while exploring and preparing integration plans utilizing appropriate information systems to achieve the target environment. Learners will develop a roadmap to achieve an organization's mission through optimal performance of its core business processes within an efficient information technology environment.

TMGT 450 Managing Technology Projects
3 semester credits. This course explores the project management concepts, techniques and challenges that technology managers oftentimes experience when executing projects that achieve strategic business objectives. Learners gain an appreciation of business and technology fusion, strategy, through project planning while examining the roles and responsibilities of the project manager in an organization. Specific attention will be focused on project planning and facilitating the achievement of organizational strategic objectives to gain competitive advantage.

MGOL 403 Organizational Theory and Design (not needed if enrolled in another management major)
3 semester credits. Through exploration and application of major organizational theories, students will attain an understanding of the key factors that contribute to sustainable organizational success. Students will explore how significant changes in the external and organizational context challenge leaders to shape organizational designs, structures, and processes in ways likely to benefit stake holders and the larger society. This course will also examine how organizational leaders develop winning strategies, and then design their organization in a way that aligns structures, culture, processes, practices, and people to achieve those strategies.

MGOL 410 Financial Decision Making (not needed if enrolled in another management major)
3 semester credits. Topics covered will enable students to analyze and interpret both historical and estimated data used by management to conduct daily operations, plan future operations and develop overall business strategies.

Interested in completing a minor along with your major? Your enrollment counselor can assist you in creating a tailor-made degree plan to incorporate this professionally-valuable coursework.