Alumni Board Position Description

Position Title: 
Alumni Board Member 

Length of Term:
Three-year term, two terms maximum (may exceed this if appointed to a President/President-elect position) 

Alumni Association Mission Statement:
To foster lifelong connections in the alumni community and encourage mutually beneficial lifetime support among alumni, the university, and its mission.

Purpose of Alumni Board:  
The purpose of the George Fox University Alumni Board of Directors is to provide an opportunity for enthusiastic alumni to become more engaged with and serve the needs of the university while reaching out to alumni. The work of the board is designed to support the strategic goal of the alumni office to increase alumni involvement with communication tools and events in key areas. Membership on the Board is a privilege and prospective members must complete the application process to be considered for membership.

Membership Expectations:

  • Must be an alumnus (anyone who has 30 credits from the traditional undergraduate program or graduates from the ADP and graduate programs.)
  • Exemplifies George Fox’s mission (a person of thought, character & faith)
  • Attend four alumni board meetings each year.  Meetings are held quarterly. Three of the meetings are four hours in duration and one meeting is in an eight-hour retreat.
  • Be actively engaged during the board meetings, providing feedback and willingly accepting tasks that are needed to complete board goals. 
  • Remain actively engaged with other alumni in your area and age demographic seeking their feedback on their alumni experience and learning about their continued needs as alumni.
  • Support the university by contributing to George Fox student fund on a yearly basis.  There is an expectation of 100% participation by the board.
  • Advocate for giving among fellow alumni and friends of the University.
  • Serve not only the larger board, but also a board subcommittee.  Subcommittees include alumni showcase & student networking, athletics, admissions & creating alumni, alumni giving & benefits, and volunteer services.
  • Remain actively engaged with the College between meetings including maintaining on-campus contacts, attending university events when possible, and staying up-to-date on university news.
  • Serve in a volunteer capacity for at least two alumni events annually.
  • Cover travel & housing costs related to alumni board meetings. 
  • Enjoy your alumni experience and talk openly and positively about George Fox University to others, especially the alumni community.

Call 503.554.2131 if you are interested in serving on the Alumni Board.