Our Mission

Bruin Heritage exists to connect current students with alumni, preserve and celebrate the rich history and tradition of George Fox University, and enhance the sense of community on campus by encouraging school pride, spirit and loyalty, for the purpose of developing future alumni who desire to stay connected with the university after graduation.

Three Initiatives

Bruin Heritage focuses on three main areas when planning activities and coordinating non-programmatic initiatives. These three ideas are alumni connections, history & traditions, and community & spirit.

  1. Alumni Connections – Bruin Heritage feels it is essential for current students to learn from alumni of George Fox University. As an organization, we strive to offer opportunities for undergraduate students to engage with alumni. Connections provide students with opportunities for mentorship and networking, while also witnessing alumni who are actively involved with their alma mater.

    Events organized through the Alumni Connections Initiative –  Dinner for Eight, hosting reunions, and volunteering at alumni events

  2. History & Traditions – George Fox University has a deep history that forms who we are as an institution. Bruin Heritage implements activities that expose students to various elements of the university’s traditions and heritage. Thus, enhancing the student experience and appreciation for their school.

    Events organized through the History & Traditions Initiative – Medallion Search, Christmas on the Quad, and Bruin Brawls

  3. Community & Spirit – Bruin Heritage makes an effort to help deepen the community feel that is already present on this campus. Programs and activities are focused to develop students’ level of pride, ownership and spirit of their school.

    Events organized through the Community & Spirit Initiative – Survivor and Powder Puff Football