Honored Alumni 2009

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Heritage Award

Barry Hubbell (BA’64)
Barry HubbellBarry Hubbell dedicated his career to George Fox. In 37 years of service, he coordinated campus events, served as a sounding board for presidents, and promoted the university as director of information, director of college relations, sports information director and executive assistant to the president. His professionalism earned him the respect of coworkers, the media for whom he provided thousands of press releases, and national organizations that honored him with more than 25 awards for his athletics publications. If a president needed a task done, he turned to Hubbell for assistance. If the school was planning a big event – including Christmas celebrations that annually drew 2,000 attendees, or the university’s centennial celebration in 1991 – Hubbell organized it. He helped shape the public image of George Fox; served as the university’s "voice" during years of rapid growth; and played a key administrative role in the transition of leadership after the death of President Ed Stevens. Hubbell also was instrumental in orchestrating the school’s merger with Western Evangelical Seminary and subsequent change from college to university status. And, for his more than 20 years as sports information director, he was elected to the school’s Sports Hall of Fame.

Outstanding Alumnus Award

Todd Miller (BS ’84)
Todd MillerTodd Miller’s contribution to the scientific community can be measured in the number of cancer patients who benefit from the drug he developed. Working as a chemist at the San Francisco-based SUGEN, Inc. in the late 1990s, Miller made a compound that is now marketed by Pfizer for late-stage stomach and kidney cancer. The drug was the first compound to be simultaneously approved by the Food and Drug Administration for two indications at the same time. It is now in more than 40 clinical studies for stomach, renal, non-small cell lung, colorectal and breast cancers. In all, Miller has more than 15 years of hands-on lab experience in the biotech/pharmaceutical industry, specializing in the synthesis, purification and analysis of biologically active molecules. He has worked as a senior research scientist, scientist and senior scientist at labs in Bend, Oregon, San Diego and San Francisco. He also finds time to coach baseball and to teach Sunday School, lead small groups, and sing in choir and worship teams in Southern California.

Outstanding Recent Alumnus

Timothy Williams (BS’02)
Timothy WilliamsAs a freshman at George Fox, Timothy Williams took a serve trip to Mexico that changed his life. The experience ignited his passion to serve and advocate for the health, human rights and well-being of poor and marginalized children and families around the world. Williams’ desire to help the underprivileged has led him from the sub-Saharan region of Africa to urban Boston. Following graduate studies in social work at Boston College, Williams served as a social worker in Boston tending to the needs of youth affected by HIV/AIDS. He later spent seven weeks in Uganda to conduct and coordinate interviews and focus groups with more than 300 children, caregivers and community leaders. A 2008 graduate of Harvard School of Public Health, Williams is now a research associate for the Division of Global Health and Human Rights at Massachusetts General Hospital. His research interests include developing evidence-based services and programming for children and families in concentrated situations of adversity, particularly those affected by commercialized sexual exploitation, HIV/AIDS, and/or armed conflict. He has presented his research at national and international conferences as well as Boston University School of Medicine and Harvard University.

Christian Service Award

David (BA’93) & Debby (BS’94) Thomas
David and Debby ThomasDavid and Debby Thomas both felt called to the mission field before their arrival at George Fox, and a year after their marriage in 1994, they followed through on that calling to serve with Evangelical Friends Mission in Rwanda. After training in Belgium and Switzerland – and learning the difficult language of Kinyarwanda – the couple began their full-time ministry in the central African country in 1997. Since then, they have taught church leaders to see the value of local ownership and leadership while also showing them ways to reproduce churches with minimal dependence on foreign funding. David’s primary roles are encouraging and supporting Rwandan leaders to realize the vision God is giving them, and building up a movement of intercessors to help bring into being the vision God has given the church. Debby is currently implementing Discipling for Development, a ministry that encourages villagers to grow in their ability to solve problems and to reproduce this process in other communities. In addition, she teaches agricultural methods that help poor farmers increase their harvests and is starting a "Kingdom business," Ubuzima Moringa, that provides Rwandans with highly nutritious products of the moringa tree. Her goal is to integrate her faith into a holistic outreach that benefits the community through business. Both David and Debby have continued their education as well, pursuing master’s degrees in global leadership online.

Seminary Alumnus of the Year

Rear Admiral Robert F. Burt (MDiv’81)
Robert BurtAs Chief of U.S. Navy chaplains, Rear Admiral Robert F. Burt is responsible for providing formal training to more than 800 active duty chaplains and nearly 400 reserve component chaplains who make up the Navy Chaplains Corps. It’s the culmination of a naval career that has spanned nearly 35 years. Burt enlisted in the Navy in 1970 and served for seven years before his honorable discharge in 1977, at which time he earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Upon his return to active duty, Burt served on staffs at naval hospitals and training stations around the country and completed six sea-tour deployments to the Western Pacific, Indian Ocean and the North Persian Gulf. As Chief of chaplains, he interacts with dozens of ecclesiastical endorsing agents who prepare candidates from their faith groups for military chaplaincy. He travels extensively to preach and speak, and he had the honor of participating in the funeral service for former President Ford in 2007. He has offered opening prayer for a session of the U.S. Senate and has twice preached in Easter services at Arlington National Cemetery.

Find out more about the Honored Alumni Awards program, including past winners, selection criteria, and nomination forms for the 2011 awards.