Selection Process

Individual College Selection Process

Each college will select three alumni candidates from their programs, one for each award. Because of the 25-year criteria of the Heritage Award, the newer colleges will only have two candidates for the other awards and forgo the Heritage Award until applicable. Colleges can come up with any selection process within their own departments that they see fit, as long as the selected alumni nominated fit within each of the three award’s criteria. All nominees must be submitted online by the last day in March.

College Rotations

College nominations will be on a rotating schedule for each year from the six colleges within the university that will divide up into two rotating groups based on the rotation below.

Group A (for 2016) will be …

  • College of Arts & Sciences
  • Portland Seminary & College of Christian Studies
  • College of Business

Group B (for 2017) will be …

  • College of Engineering
  • Behavioral & Heath Sciences
  • College of Education

Final Nominations

The Alumni Board and university president will take all the nominations into consideration from the names the colleges provided and announce each May the alumni who are being honored at the Alumni Awards during Homecoming.