Be Known as a Priority

student focusedStudents come first at George Fox. Faculty and staff are passionate about the authentic relationships they form with students and work hard to provide individual support for every student. Here are some of the many ways we serve our students:

  • The Student Support Network is a program designed to come alongside students looking for help academically, socially or personally. A small team of faculty, staff and administrators invest in the academic and personal success of our students.
  • Our professors are focused on teaching, and our 13:1 student-to-faculty ratio provides incredible access to learning opportunities and mentoring. Our classes are taught by faculty not graduate assistants.
  • Student work opportunities are important, and George Fox provides around 300,000 hours of paid work for students each year.
  • Student services are conveniently located in one building. Students can take care of housing, registration and payment without having to trek back and forth across campus. During busy times of the year, office hours are extended to accommodate students’ busy schedules.
  • Students are welcomed from their first visit on campus and given direction by admissions counselors and faculty. As they approach graduation, students can take advantage of our Career Services department for valuable guidance to find work or gain admission to graduate school.