Get to know university pastor Jamie Noling-Auth, featuring artwork by senior illustration major Abby Ickert! 

Q: In what ways do you hope George Fox students will grow spiritually? 

A: In chapel recently we have been singing a song that says, “I will build my life upon your love.”  That is my hope for each student and for our community. I hope that all of our students will find their truest home in the faithful, lovingkindness of God’s presence. I hope our students will learn to have real, honest, friend-style conversations with God.  

Q: What inspired you to serve students through ministry? 

A: When I was in middle school, I had an experience with God that was unmistakable and an invitation to friendship. That is where my ministry calling began – with experiencing God personally. And then, my own college years were such an exciting convergence of experiences, ideas and spiritual formation. Studying abroad, being a student leader on my campus, and interning in my field were pivotal in my growth. And in those years, I also got to witness some of my friends encounter God for the first time – all of which gave me a love for how God works in and through college students.  

Q: What’s one worship, small group or service opportunity you wish more students knew about? 

A: The prayer chapel is available to all of our students 24/7. It is a lovely and quiet place, protected from the rain and from the noises of your living area, where you can meet with God. The university doesn’t schedule any events in that space so that it is always available to students for prayer. And, you can even leave prayer requests in the locked box and a staff prayer team will pray for you. 

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