Ready to start packing for another year at Fox? You’re probably feeling both excited and a little overwhelmed; I completely understand. It’s hard to stay focused as you search for toothpaste and sort through flannels. 

After three years at Fox, I’ve learned what to stick on the very top of my packing list. Whether this is your first year of college or your last, you won’t want to leave these items at home.

01. Mugs: Pack a few of your favorite mugs for  coffee, cocoa, tea, and soup.



02. OUTDOOR GEAR: Grab a raincoat and boots before heading out for  Oregon’s trails or walking to class in the drizzle.



03. SNACKS You’re going to want extra food for late nights spent studying or grab-and-go breakfasts.




04. GAMES Pack your very favorites and share them with friends.


05. DECOR Come ready with photos, posters, and  Command Strips to fill your dorm walls.


So, throw your things together, find your favorite snacks, and prepare for another awesome year in the Berg. You’re going to do great.

Photo of Christina Brandao

Christina Brandao


Christina is passionate about creating, coding, and finding the best spot on campus to hang up her hammock and eat snacks. On rainy Fridays, you can catch her watching The Mandalorian and baking chocolate chip cookies. She is happy to be studying Information Systems and Graphic Design for her third year here at Fox.

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