George Fox DBA Testimonials

“Earning my master's degree changed the way I think ... Earning my doctorate is refining who I am.”

Tyler Laird Magee

2011 Doctor of Business Administration Graduate

“I came to the DBA program with more than 30 years of career experience in business management. But achieving my DBA degree gave me the opportunity to apply my professional experience to an expanded career that included academic writing and teaching. Even in the later years of my career, it put legs on what could be possible!”

Estle Harlan

2011 Doctor of Business Administration Graduate

 “The DBA program at George Fox University was phenomenal and life-changing. As a busy professional and family man, the hybrid format worked well for me. The relationships that I built with cohort students, via residencies and online communication, were stronger than at any previous university. Upon completing the program, I was able to conduct academic research, design college courses and training sessions, and engage in high-level policy discussions. I have also had a considerable amount of career opportunities after completing the program. I am truly grateful for the DBA experience at George Fox University.”

Brad Ward

2015 Doctor of Business Administration Graduate