Part-Time MBA: Finance Concentration

MBA Concentration - Finance

The financial stability and results of the operations of an organization are critical to its success. This MBA concentration in finance provides the student the opportunity to obtain the skills necessary to understand complex financial issues through the problem solving and practical application of case studies in financial statement analysis, forecasting, investments, business valuation, and global finance issues.

BUSG 571 - Corporate Finance (3 credits)

This course examines the fundamentals of the sources of finance, debt and equity, and the uses of that finance to manage growth. Optimal capital structures will be explored from the standpoint of the operational and financial condition of various businesses and capital budgeting needs. More sophisticated financial topics such as leverage recapitalizations, weighted average cost of capital for debt and equity, and fair market value techniques for business valuation will be covered.

BUSG 572 - Investments (3 credits)

This course examines the fundamentals of commercial banking in the capital markets from a financial management perspective. Emphasis will be placed on an analysis of investment characteristics, systematic risk, valuation, diversification, and the market price behavior of debt, equity, and derivative securities. Potential sources and uses of firm financing will be examined along with the determination of the appropriate financial structure and related risks. Portfolio theory, the insights and limitations of CAPM and passive vs. active investing will be explored.

BUSG 573 - Entrepreneurial Finance (3 credits)

This course takes the student through the life cycle of a startup as seen by the entrepreneur responsible for its finance. The course examines innovation as the foundation for a financially successful venture. With the capitalization table as one important point of reference, the course examines rounds of financing by angel investors, venture capitalists and finally by corporate and institutional investors in an exit round. Milestones of startup to corporate achievement, and the strategic focus and coherence required for those milestones, are examined in integrative case studies.

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