Part-Time MBA: Strategic Management Concentration

Effective strategic decision making and implementation impacts every facet of an organization. Global business engagement requires organizational adaptations involving markets, products, sourcing, and cultural understanding. Leading strategic change involves a deep understanding of the role of corporate strategy development, functional implementation and potential responses to competitive dynamics.

This MBA concentration explores multiple topics in organizational strategy, including global market entry and the impact of globalization on strategic decision-making, leading strategic change, the triple bottom line strategic approach, and how initiatives such as environmental sustainability, corporate social responsibility, crisis management and fundraising choices may shape and influence strategy.

BUSG 581 - Global Strategy (3 credits)

This course focuses on the strategic considerations of global business engagement. The necessary organization-wide adaptations required to be an effective, efficient and successful global player will be explored. The implications for choices involving markets, products and sourcing will be examined, as will the importance of understanding global differences in government relationships, market systems and cultures. Topics include globalization and the impact on the global business environment; leveraging international resources and capabilities; understanding global institutions and cultural differences for effective strategic planning and action; entering foreign markets and managing global competitive dynamics; issues concerning global governance and corporate social responsibility.

BUSG 582 - Leading Strategic Change (3 credits)

This course will focus on the development of corporate strategy with implementation strategies at the functional levels of finance, operations, manufacturing, service delivery, marketing, sales and other relevant functions. Leadership and management philosophies and practices important in strategic planning will be considered as a critical component of implementation and strategic action. Topics include implementing strategic initiatives across multiple divisions of an organization; corporate and functional competitive dynamics; leading strategic change and change management, including stakeholder engagement, during strategic implementation; the critical importance of effective communication during strategic implementation; and measuring the success of strategic implementation.

BUSG 583 - Contemporary Topics in Strategy (3 credits)

This course will focus on current topics that may influence strategic formulation and implementation. Topics may include triple bottom line strategic approaches; the strategic impact of corporate social responsibility initiatives in environmental and social sustainability; the impact and strategic considerations of changes in financial and regulatory issues; corporate governance; fraud and legal misrepresentation; crisis management; strategic considerations of fundraising choices and/or changing the shareholder base (e.g. from private to public share basis); the role of innovation; and globalization and changes in the global business climate.

 The course schedules are designed to accommodate students from several different cohorts. Students in the Saturday format will have a limited number of weeknight classes during the concentration work in their second year.

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