Liberal Arts Core Curriculum (LACC) Courses

Liberal Arts Core Curriculum

LACC 101 Writing for Adults I
3 hours. A course designed to teach the basic components of the sentence and paragraph, composition techniques, critical reading and thinking skills, grammar and editing, basic research skills, and introduction to APA.

LACC 102 Writing for Adults II
3 hours. A course designed to teach the basic components of the essay, intermediate composition techniques, kinds of essays, intermediate research skills, intermediate elements of prose, and APA formatting and citation.

LACC 174 Earth Science
3 hours. This course will delve into topics of Earth Science: including Earth in space, the Earth-Moon system, the atmosphere, weather & climate, rocks & minerals, plate tectonics, the building of Earth's surgaces, and the shaping of Earth's surface.

LACC 215 Personal and Professional Assessment
3 hours. This course is designed to help students articulate their personal and professional learning as applicable for prior-learning assessment. Students will develop writing skills by practicing various writing strategies to promote analytical thinking and effective communication. Course content includes the development of lifelong learning skills.

LACC 220 Religion in American Popular Culture
3 hours. This course will study the mutual influence and interaction of religion and American popular culture, focusing on themes in entertainment media, the internet, politics, sports, education, church, and civil religion. It gives attention to the ability to compare and contrast biblical Christianity with cultural expressions of religion.

LACC 223 Social and Cultural Diversity
3 hours. This course is designed to encourage students to develop multicultural awareness and competencies for working with people of diverse groups in society.

LACC 285 Selected Topics
1-6 hours. A scheduled class with topics chosen to meet the special needs and interests of students, faculty, or visiting professors.