Degree Completion General Education Requirements--Adult Degree Programs

These requirements are only for those students enrolled in the George Fox Department of Professional Studies adult degree completion program (School of Education general education requirements can be found here). For traditional undergraduate students, please see the general education requirements posted in that section of the catalog.

Most students will complete all, or nearly all, of the below requirements prior to enrolling in the major cohort classes. Students should confer with an Enrollment Counselor.

All requirements are expressed in semester credits.

Bible and Religion (3 credits)

This requirement is met by MGOL 407 Christian Faith and Thought (MSBS 407 for SBS Majors), which is a part of all majors. Students desiring to take an additional Bible course may do so as part of the humanities requirement.

Communication (6 credits)

Students must take at least one college-level writing class as part of this requirement (LACC 215 Personal and Professional Assessment) can meet this requirement and can also facilitate the completion of Prior Learning Assessment credits). The remainder may be completed with Speech, Interpersonal, or Business Communication courses.

Health and Human Performance (2 credits)

Health, Wellness, or Physical activity courses will complete this requirement.

Humanities (9 credits)

Students must take a total of 9 credits from the following areas: fine arts (including music and theater), history, literature, cultural studies, foreign language (second year or higher only), philosophy, religion, and Bible. (Only 3 credits of Bible or religion may count toward the humanities requirement.)

Only three credits of applied fine arts, and six credits total of all fine arts, may be used.

Natural Sciences (3)

Lab science is required.

Mathematics (3)

Mathematics at or above the level of College Algebra are accepted.

Social Science (9)

Choose 9 credits from the following areas: psychology, sociology, economics, political science, anthropology.