Degree Completion Major Requirements


George Fox University confers these undergraduate degrees within the Department of Professional Studies: bachelor of arts and bachelor of science. The university also confers the bachelor of science degree within the School of Education.

A major is successfully completed when all major courses are completed with no grade below a C- and with a major GPA of 2.0 or above. A minimum of 36 semester hours within the major must be completed in residency. All bachelors degrees at George Fox University require the successful completion of a minimum of 126 semester hours.

Admission to a Major

The Elementary Education program has specific requirements for admission to the major that can be found here.

For the Department of Professional Studies, with 62* approved semester hours, students apply to the major and once accepted, join a group (cohort) of no more than 20 students. Each cohort completes the remaining classes together, providing mutual support and motivation.

Students complete an application to the school under which they are pursuing a major. Application and materials must be received no later than four weeks prior to start of cohort classes. Application materials include:

  • Application for General Admission along with accompanying documents (if not previously submitted).
  • Two recommendations.
  • A written essay that demonstrates competency needed for success in the program. (Students who have successfully completed optional course MGOL 260 Personal and Professional Assessment do not need to complete a writing sample.)
  • A proposed plan to finish any remaining general education or elective credits.

*Students entering with at least 31 approved semester hours first take additional classes and pursue Prior Learning strategies to fulfill general education and elective requirements. Advising from each department is available and encouraged.


Elementary Education (BS)

Management and Organizational Leadership (BA)
Project Management (BS)
Technology Management (BS)
Technology Management (Effective Summer 2015)

Healthcare Administration (BA)
Healthcare Administration (Effective Summer 2015)

Social/Behavioral Studies
Social and Behavioral Studies (BA)
Up Down