Bachelors (BA) in Management and Organizational Leadership

Management and Organizational Leadership (BA)

The management and organizational leadership major offers a 36-semester-hour course of study that is designed to enhance professional competencies and management skills.

In this program, students will learn to:

  • Articulate principles of organizational dynamics relating to systems, culture, and environment
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills and an understanding of organizational communication processes
  • Compare and contrast leadership theories, models, and styles
  • Develop insight into personal leadership style
  • Identify the dynamics of globalization and the implication for organizational strategy and operations
  • Develop a working knowledge of decision-making, finance, and interpersonal and group dynamics
  • Develop the analytical and research skills necessary to identify organizational problems and to formulate solutions for those problems
  • Demonstrate an understanding of ethics and Christian values and their applications for organizations

Students are required to obtain a minimum grade of C- in all courses taken for the major.

Major Requirements

Management Core (23 hours)
MGOL 401 Organizational Behavior 3
MGOL 403 Organizational Theory 3
MGOL 404 Leadership Communication 3
MGOL 407 Christian Faith and Thought 3
MGOL 410 Financial Decision Making 3
MGOL 413 Ethics for Managers 3
MGOL 432 International Dynamics 2
MGOL 450 Strategic Management 3
Management and Organizational Leadership Coursework (13 hours)
MGOL 412 Data Informed Decision Making I 3
MGOL 415 Data Informed Decision Making II 1
MGOL 431 Operations Management 3
MGOL 440 Human Resource Management 3
MGOL 442 Dynamics of Leadership 3
Degree Completion Course Descriptions