Bachelors (BS) in Project Management

Project Management (BS)

The Project Management program is designed to guide students in becoming effective project managers, equipped with the knowledge, experience and skills to deliver successful projects in today’s fast-paced business environment. Students who pursue this course of study explore the technical skills and behavioral competencies necessary to become high-performing project managers. Classroom teaching incorporates students' relevant work experience, industry best practices, and opportunities to apply project management learning beyond the classroom through guided learning experiences.

Students can graduate with a degree in Project Management and a project management certification that will distinguish them from others and enhance their employability.

Graduates of this program will:

  • Articulate the foundational contribution of Scientific Management to Project Management (methods, approaches, tools, and activities).
  • Apply Project Management methods and approaches as organizational change agents effecting organizational performance through the delivery of strategic and operational goals.
  • Articulate major International and cross-cultural factors affecting and informing modern project management theory and practice.
  • Develop insight into the dynamics of managing & participating in high performing teams within the project management context.
  • Demonstrate the Behavioral competencies necessary for the successful management of project resources, team members, stakeholders, timelines and deliverables.
  • Possess the Technical Competencies necessary to deliver optimal project results.
  • Utilize effective communication skills while working within the organizational process.
  • Develop insight into students' personal leadership style and adopt effective management strategies.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of Christian ethics and their applications for project managers.

Students are required to obtain a minimum grade of C- in all courses taken for the major.

Major Requirements

Project Management Core (16 hours)
MPJM 418 Introduction to Project Management 4
MPJM 424 Intermediate Project Management 4
MPJM 438 Project Quality Management 4
MPJM 444 Advanced Project Management 4
Project Management Major-Only Coursework (20 hours required and up to 9 optional)
MPJM 416 Applied Project Management 1 1
MPJM 417 Project Leadership & Communication 4
MPJM 423 Operations & Process Management  4
MPJM 426 Applied Project Management 2 1
MPJM 436 Applied Project Management 3  1
MPJM 437 Christian Faith & Thought  4
MPJM 443 Strategy & Performance Excellence  4
MPJM 446 Applied Project Management 4  1
MPJM 450 Project Management Synthesis (optional) 3
MPJM 460 Advanced Project Management Sythesis (optional) 3
MPJM 475 Project Management Practicum (optional) 1-3
Degree Completion Course Descriptions