Bachelors (BA) in Social and Behavioral Studies

Social and Behavioral Studies (BA)

The social and behavioral studies major offers a 36-semester-hour course of study that is designed to enable graduates to apply knowledge from the social and behavioral sciences to work in human services.

In this program, students will learn to:

  • Understand the stages of human development
  • Understand family and group systems
  • Assess individuals and groups in your field of service
  • Identify issues in delivering services to special populations
  • Identify differences in people and cultures
  • Consider ethical issues in human services
  • Speak and write more effectively

Students are required to obtain a minimum grade of C- in all courses taken for the major.

Major Requirements

MSBS 407 Christian Faith and Thought 3
MSBS 421 Family and Group Dynamics 3
MSBS 424 Research Methods and Statistics 3
MSBS 426 Life Span Development 3
MSBS 427 Abnormal Psychology 3
MSBS 428 Interpersonal Communication 3
MSBS 429 Assessment and Referral 3
MSBS 430 Grant Proposal Writing 3
MSBS 431 Contemporary Social Dynamics and Public Policy 3
MSBS 432 Personal and Professional Ethics 3
MSBS 433 Addiction Disorders: Assessment and Treatment 3
MSBS 444 Social and Behavioral Applied Research 3
MSBS 475 Practicum (optional) 1-3

(Students in the MSBS progam are required to plan, implement, and report on an approved research project. The project examines issues in the student's social and behavioral environment.)

Degree Completion Course Descriptions