Bachelors (BS) in Technology Management

Technology Management (BS)

This major offers a 36-semester-hour course of study designed to guide students to be effective managers of people and technology. Students will develop the ability to evaluate numerous technologies based on organizational requirements and apply them intentionally in the business environment. Students who pursue this degree will explore methods and practices of positioning technology to achieve the mission of an organization while contributing to organizational transformation. Classroom teaching incorporates students' relevant work experience and instruction is enhanced by relationships with non-profit business leaders.

Students are required to obtain a minimum grade of C- in all courses taken for the major.

Major Requirements

Management Core (21 hours)
MGOL 401 Organizational Behavior 3
MGOL 403 Organizational Theory 3
MGOL 404 Organizational Communication 3
MGOL 407 Christian Faith and Thought 3
MGOL 410 Financial Decision Making 3
MGOL 413 Ethics for Managers 3
MGOL 450 Strategic Management 3
Technology Management Coursework (15 hours)
TMGT 410 Management of Information Systems 3
TMGT 420 Global Information Systems 3
TMGT 430 Database Planning and Management 3
TMGT 440 Enterprise Architecture Design and Management 3
TMGT 450 Managing Technology Projects 3
Degree Completion Course Descriptions