Doctor of Business Administration

(DBA degree)

"Nurture the mind and strengthen the soul."

Effective beginning summer term 2018


Our purpose is to provide a Christ-centered doctoral program for business educators who desire to steward their mind through rigorous study while committing to a learning community and integrating Christian values. 

This program equips students to research and teach a variety of business disciplines, with a unique focus on the integration of faith and ethics into teaching and practice. Students complete a business core, research core and education core (including a teaching practicum). In addition, they choose an accounting, management, or marketing concentration for in-depth study.

Courses are offered in hybrid and online formats all year round (spring, summer and fall semesters). Hybrid courses include an on-campus residency. Online courses are conducted entirely over the Internet. Students will spend three four-day residencies on the Newberg campus every year. Course work can be completed in three years with the dissertation to follow. The program follows a cohort model for all core classes. Students who drop classes may be required to stop out of the program and join the next cohort.

Program Objectives

Educational Objectives

To enable students to:

  • Integrate faith, moral character and sound ethical reasoning into practice
  • Understand the important issues and trends facing organizations in an increasingly global society
  • Be equipped with the concepts, theories and methodologies that enable them to conduct organizational research
  • Develop academic research and scholarship, business research and strategy
Professional Objectives

To enable students to:

  • Lead organizational and societal change efforts
  • Understand the practice and theory of business, improving personal effectiveness by applying insights from a variety of academic disciplines
  • View business and academe from a variety of disciplinary and historical perspectives
  • Prepare students to become academics and business professionals
  • Acquire additional expertise in selected subject areas tailored to individual interests (marketing, leadership, nonprofit, enterprise development, crisis management, accounting)
  • Demonstrate effective instructional strategies and practices acquired through mastering management and marketing and accounting teaching and hands-on experience

Admission Requirements

Applicants seeking admission to the DBA program must have completed both their Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Applicants must have five years of professional experience, or hold a full-time faculty position. In addition, applicants must submit the following documentation to be considered for admission:

  • Doctor of Business Administration online application and application fee
  • Resume/CV demonstrating appropriate professional experience
  • Completion of 3 short-answer essays
    • What goals and objectives do you have that you are hoping the DBA from George Fox will help you fulfill?
    • Why are you considering the degree at this time in your life?
    • What strengths and unique experiences will you bring to the program?
  • Three letters of reference
  • GMAT, GRE, or Peregrine Test Results
  • A sample of academic writing which demonstrates the applicant’s ability to gather, synthesize, organize, and evaluate research.
  • Evidence of completed prerequisites (at least one course in economics, accounting, and finance)
  • One official transcript from each college/university attended
  • Formal Interview
  • Additional International Student Requirements (if applicable)
    • A TOEFL score of 80 (Internet based) or IELTS 6.5 for non-native English speakers
    • Transcript Evaluations for any degrees earned outside the U.S.
    • Declaration of Finance and supporting financial documentation

Transfer Credit

Transfer of up to 6 hours of credit from accredited graduate schools beyond the master's degree is allowed toward the DBA program upon matriculation. Students must have earned a grade of B or better for a course to be considered for transfer. In addition, only courses taken elsewhere within 10 years of the date of matriculation to the DBA program will be considered for transfer. Potential transfer credit will be evaluated on a class-by-class basis by the program director and registrar's office. Transferability of credits earned at this institution and transferred to another is at the discretion of the receiving institution.

Residence Requirements

Of the 56 hours required for the DBA program, a minimum of 50 hours must be taken in resident study at George Fox University. All work leading to the DBA must be completed within seven years from the time of matriculation. Extension of this limit requires approval of the College of Business faculty. However, only one such extension may be considered due to special circumstances, such as ill health. Reinstatement to the program after withdrawal requires Admissions Committee action and may subject the student to additional requirements for the degree.

Course Requirements

The Doctor of Business Administration program is generally four years in length with 56 semester hours of course work required as a minimum for graduation. Of those hours, 21 are in core business courses, 17 in doctoral research and dissertation, 9 in education and teaching, and 9 hours in an area of concentration.

Other Degree Requirements

Students will be evaluated annually by program faculty to certify their ability to continue in the program.

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate with the doctor of business administration degree students must:

  • Satisfactorily complete a minimum of 56 semester hours with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above
  • Achieve no grade lower than a B- in all courses. If a grade lower than a B- is received in a designated course, that course must be retaken (for more specific information, please refer to the student handbook).
  • Successfully complete three written qualifying essays
  • Be admitted to candidacy for the degree
  • Submit an approved written doctoral dissertation
  • Successfully defend the written dissertation

Curriculum Plan

Core Business Courses (21 hours)
BUSD 701 Faith and Spirituality in Business 3
BUSD 702 Foundations of Management and Leadership 3
BUSD 703 Foundations of Marketing 3
BUSD 704 Conceptual Foundations of Economics 3
BUSD 705 Conceptual Foundations of Finance 3
BUSD 706 International Business 3
BUSD 707 Ethics and Moral Decision-Making in Business 3
Education and Teaching Courses (9 hours)
BUSD 721 Effective Teaching in Higher Education 3
BUSD 722 Critical Issues in Higher Education 3
BUSD 723 Business Teaching Practicum 3
Doctoral Research and Dissertation Courses (17 hours)
BUSD 710 Doctoral Research and Writing I 2
BUSD 711 Doctoral Research and Writing II 1
BUSD 714 Qualitative Research Methods 3
BUSD 716 Quantitative Research Methods 3
BUSD 801 Comprehensive Exam/Doctoral Dissertation I - Proposal 1
BUSD 802 Doctoral Dissertation II - Proposal 1
BUSD 803 Doctoral Dissertation III 1
BUSD 804 Doctoral Dissertation IV 1
BUSD 805 Doctoral Dissertation V 1
BUSD 806 Doctoral Dissertation VI 1
BUSD 807 Doctoral Dissertation VII 1
BUSD 808 Doctoral Dissertation VIII 1
BUSD 815 Doctoral Dissertation Continuation (as needed†) 1

Concentrations (9 hours - must select one)

BUSD 730 Organizational Theory and Behavior I 2
BUSD 731 Organizational Theory and Behavior II 1
BUSD 732 Human Resource Development 3
BUSD 733 Strategic Management I 2
BUSD 734 Strategic Management II 1
BUSD 740 Research Design in Marketing I 2
BUSD 741 Research Design in Marketing II 1
BUSD 743 Advanced Topics in Marketing 3
BUSD 746 Seminar in Consumer Behavior I 2
BUSD 747 Seminar in Consumer Behavior II 1
BUSD 750 Seminar in Accounting (Theory/literature development) I 2
BUSD 751 Seminar in Accounting (Theory/literature development) II 1
BUSD 753 Advanced Applications of Ethical Reasoning/Compliance in Accounting I 2
BUSD 754 Advanced Applications of Ethical Reasoning/Compliance in Accounting II 1
BUSD 756 Advanced Topics in Accounting 3


† Students must maintain continuous enrollment in the doctoral dissertation until completion. BUSD 815 is required for students who do not finish their dissertation research within the minimum 8 hours. BUSD 815 is repeatable until the dissertation is finished.

Doctor of Business Administration Course Descriptions