ECTL 591 Continuing Tchng License Sem 1
1 hour. Format: classroom centered and online. This seminar is designed to focus on a brief history of the CTL, Oregon Administrative Rules and the 10 Advanced Proficiencies that dictate CTL programs, the components and requirements of the GFU CTL program, and the philosophy that drives the notion of second licensure for professional teachers in Oregon. This seminar is for professional educators to thoughtfully and carefully examine their practice and the performance of their students in relation to the 10 Advanced Proficiencies. In addition, teachers will consider the impact on student achievement brought about by their collaborative work with students, parents, colleagues, and their school communities in relation to the 10 Advanced Proficiencies.

ECTL 592 Continuing Tchng License Sem 2
1 hour. The practicum experience is designed to ensure that CTL candidates are teaching, assessing, and establishing a classroom climate conducive to learning and collaboration with parents and colleagues as stated in the 10 Advanced Proficiencies. This practicum experience will require one orientation session and a minimum of two classroom visits/observations. Ideally, the university supervisor will observe instruction and provide feedback for the CTL candidate based upon the 10 Advanced Proficiencies while the candidate is employed in a K-12 school and during the completion of the "Preparing an Analysis of Student Work" task.

ECTL 593 Continuing Tchng License Sem 3
1 hour. Each CTL candidate will develop a personal professional portfolio to present for review at the conclusion of this seminar. Candidates arrange to meet individually with the instructor of the course to review the assimilation process and to organize their portfolio review committee composed of appropriate district and university personnel.