EDTC 580 Trends and Issues: Effective Strategies for Implementing Technology in the Classroom
2 hours. This course examines current issues and developing trends in the field of online learning and technology use in the face to face classroom, the flipped classroom, and the online classroom. Students will research and evaluate multiple models of digital curriculum design and delivery.

EDTC 581 Tools for Success in Online Teaching
3 hours. Introduction to the technology tools identified with online teaching. Students will explore in-depth the tools used effectively in the online learning environment, including learning management systems, discussion forums, online chat and video conferencing, blogs and wikis, and other developing technologies. Students will create an interconnected suite of digital learning tools, that includes an LMS, digital feedback tools, and a variety of content delivery and assessment platforms. Students will also identify the strengths and weaknesses of each tool as it relates to student learning styles and student success.

EDTC 582 Teaching Using Technology in the P-12 Environment
3 hours. This course is an introduction to the digital platforms identified with a P-12 environment. Students will explore in-depth the tools, pedagogy, and technology integration philosophy used effectively in the P-12 learning environment. These include tools for multimedia content creation, content curation, digital publishing, social media, collaborative productivity and communication. Students will curate an interconnected suite of digital learning tools that identify the strengths, weaknesses, and potential applications of each tool as it relates to student learning styles and student success. Students will design a tech-integrated unit plan.

EDTC 583 Foundations of Digital Curriculum Design
3 hours. Students will explore traditional curriculum designs with an analysis of how various digital technologies assist the learning within the paradigm. Students will also consider relevant digital strategies in online learning and explore effectiveness by creating a module of instruction.

EDTC 587 Ethical Considerations for the Technology Educator
2 hours. This course provides an overview of the complexities of engaging students in an online or technologically rich environment. Students will consider the historical, sociological, and legal implications of how these factors impact the P-12 classroom.

EDTC 624 Evaluation of Educational Technology
3 hours. This course will emphasize research and evaluate online educational programs, digital curriculum and emergent technology applications.Analysis will include recommendations for further development and use in P-12 classroom or online environments.

EDTC 626 Implementing Technology in Educational Organizations
3 hours. This course explores the complex issues of implementing, sustaining, and institutionalizing the use of technology for teaching and learning throughout an educational organization. A plan for a real or hypothetical education organization is a final project for the course.

EDTC 630 Technology Teaching Practicum
2 hours. Must be approved by advisor. This course is a supervised practicum for students seeking to gain practical experience in teaching with technology in either P-12 or university environments. Students will teach and evaluate lessons, assess student achievement, and evaluate themselves. Pass/NoPass.