MLDR (Ministry Leadership)

MLDR (Ministry Leadership)

MLDR 510 Missional Ecclesiology
3 hours. The purpose of this course is to gain an understanding of the work of God in the world by examining a missional ecclesiology that is biblical, historical, contextual, eschatological, and that can be translated into practice. Attention is given to the expansion of the gospel as it relates to culture. What is the church? What is the church for? What is our role in relationship to the church? These three questions provide the framework for this course.

MLDR 520 Missional Leadership
3 hours. This course studies the biblical, historical, and cultural development of leadership as a missional response to God's concerns in the world. The history of leadership studies and the various leadership theories are explored. The qualities and skills of the missional leader are discussed. Particular emphases on the leader's global view of Christianity, the leader's creative and entrepreneurial development, and his or her stewardship responsibility are the focal points of the course.

MLDR 530 Personal Transformation
3 hours. The Scriptures are replete with examples and teachings about the transforming power of faith in a person's life. This course focuses on the person of the leader and the deep change he or she needs to experience in his or her soul. The scriptural, historical, developmental, and biological nature of personal transformation is explored. Special attention is given to personal transformation as a whole-body experience and to the leader's role in creating an environment that maximizes the conditions for personal transformation.

MLDR 540 Culture & System Change
3 hours. Designed to give the missional leader perspectives and tools for interpreting and guiding a cultural system toward deep change. Insights from various disciplines, such as anthropology, social psychology, and organizational science, stimulate the exegesis of culture in fresh ways. Jesus as a change master in a complex cultural system is the model for guiding effective and lasting change.

MLDR 544 Cultural Anthropology
3 hours. Cultural Anthropology is the study of the variety in human culture. Students will learn to balance the many gifts that Anthropology has given us with helpful critiques, particularly from indigenous scholars and anthropologists. Students listen to both the non-indigenous anthropologist and perspectives from the indigenous community, particularly the Indigenous North American context, surrounding Anthropology.

MLDR 548 Ethics in Intercultural Context
3 hours. Using a missiological approach to the nature and function of systems of values and ethics in various societies, the course focuses on various concepts such as culture and conscience, shame and guilt, individual and community, cultural relativism and moral absolutes, cross-cultural universals of human behavior, conversion, values and ethics. The goal is to come to an understanding and appreciation of the diversity of values and ethical systems on the one hand, and the interaction of the gospel with these systems on the other.

MLDR 550 Communication in Christian Ministry
3 hours. This course will focus on the various means of communication necessary for successful leadership by Christian ministers. Included will be leading meetings, interviewing, public speaking, and written communication. At least one third of the course will teach the value and practice of technological communication important to ministers and leaders.

MLDR 561/562 Ministry Leadership Conference
Two 1-hour courses. These courses are offered in the fall and spring semester of the third year for the purpose of specialized learning opportunities. Conferences expose students to ideas and experiences outside their normal environment. A student attends a conference from a list of approved conferences, or petitions the course facilitator concerning some other conference. The conference must last at least two days. The student will read 500 pages of materials recommended by the conference, and prepare a 1,000-word report on the conference including: topic, place, dates of conference; seat time; sessions/presentations attended with brief paragraph on each one; an evaluation of the conference including key insights and questions.

MLDR 570 Christian Ministry for Reconciliation
3 hours. This course will examine the ways and means of carrying out the biblical mandate that all who are reconciled to God through Christ are to become agents of that reconciliation in the world. Special consideration will be given to promoting the reconciliation and equality of men and women, racial and ethnic groups, different generations, and Christian traditions.

MLDR 575 Internship
1 hour. The Internship develops and enhances students' practical ministry capacities. In this course students engage in leadership experiences and are personally coached through the implementation of a ministry project in their current setting.

MLDR 595 Special Study in Ministry Leadership
Three 1-hour courses. Offered in the student's second year. The courses are designed to give a student an opportunity to customize his or her learning experience. A course facilitator will provide the format and structure for choosing the topic, gathering information and doing the study and work, and presenting the learnings in a written, artistic, or technological form.