MAT American Culture & Language Prerequisite Track Program

Language and Culture Prerequisite Track Program


The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) American Culture and Language (ACLA) Prerequisite Track refers to a selection of undergraduate courses for American culture and language studies.  These courses are intended for those international students who have been preparing to teach after their undergraduate work, but whose understanding of culture and language needs strengthening.  As part of the learning outcome goals this one-year pre-track is intended to help these future MAT students deepen their understanding of American English and culture, in the U.S. college classroom, and equip students with adequate English and cultural knowledge needed for a successful completion of the 36 credit MAT program and to possibly teach in American classrooms.  Students will be required to earn a 3.0+ cumulative GPA in the prerequisite courses and provide evidence of an undergraduate degree conferred by a partner university on an official international transcript in order to continue to the MAT graduate-level coursework. 

 Admission Requirements

  • College work with GPA 3.0+
  • An English level as supported by a TOEFL score of 80+ or an IELTS score of 6.5+

Curriculum Plan

Minimum 24 credits

Students must take the following courses, earn a cumulative GPA of 3.0, and earn a conferred degree from a partner university.

ACLA 481 Reading and Vocabulary for Academia 3
ACLA 482 Writing and Research for Academia 5
ACLA 483 Speech and Listening for Academia 3
ACLA 484 Research and Study Skills 4
ACLA 485 TESOL Practicum 3
ACLA 490 American Schools and Culture 3
EDUC 250 Teaching as a Profession 2
American Educational Culture Elective Course(s) 2-4

ESLA 295 Writing Tutorial


Upon successful completion of these courses, substituted courses approved by the program director, or courses identified through agreement with the sending university students will be admitted into the 36 credit MAT Program.  Course materials and activities will include practicum experiences and thesis/dissertation preparation for international students to meet the undergraduate degree requirements of sending institutions.