Professional Administrative License

Professional Administrative License


The Professional Administrative License program is designed to prepare competent and ethical leaders to meet the personnel needs of schools in Oregon. This can best be accomplished by partnering with public and private schools to identify and develop leaders who have an equal commitment to developing these skills with faith, vision, and love as their foundation.

George Fox University offers candidates the opportunity to earn as many as two licenses that prepare educators to serve in Oregon public schools as K-12 building or district-level administrators. The Professional Administrative License can be earned as a stand-alone license past the master's degree or as part of the doctoral program.

Program Objectives

Educational Objectives

To enable students to:

  • Understand the developmental needs of students at all authorization levels
  • Be able to conduct and use research as a tool for improving a learning organization
  • Understand the goals of the Oregon Content Standards and how to use them as a guide in assessing each school's goals and evaluating progress
Professional Objectives

To enable students to:

  • Be prepared to lead teachers in helping students meet the standards and in continuing their professional development
  • Understand current school practices and work within the larger political, social, economic, legal, and cultural context to facilitate new ways of helping all students become productive citizens

Admission Requirements

Applicants seeking admission to the Professional Administrative License program must hold an approved Master's degree such as a master of arts in teaching (MAT) degree from an accredited college or university, with a minimum GPA of 3.0. For applicants with an undergraduate college degree only, the applicant must complete a master's or higher degree including the approved Professional Administrative License program. In addition, applicants must complete the following to be considered for admission to the program:

  • Administrator License Program application and application fee
  • Verification of valid Oregon teaching license
  • Verification of at least three years of successful licensed administrative experience at the half-time level or above (.5 FTE), in public schools or regionally accredited private schools, education service districts, state-operated or federal schools, or any private schools registered by the Oregon Department of Education
  • Evidence of leadership potential based on assessments of skills in leadership, management, and human relations as supported by supervisors' recommendations
  • Completed Teachers Standards and Practices Character Questionnaire

Transfer Credit

Upon approval by the department, transfer of up to 3 hours credit is allowed toward the Professional Administrative License program. Students must have earned a grade of B or better for a course to be considered for transfer. Transferability of credits earned at this institution and transferred to another is at the discretion of the receiving institution. Consult the registrar's office for information on eligibility of transfer credit.

Residence Requirements

Of the 18 hours required for the Professional Administrative License program, a minimum of 15 hours must be taken in resident study at George Fox University. All work leading to the license program must be completed within seven years from the time of matriculation. Extension of this limit requires approval of the Graduate Teaching and Leading (GTL) Faculty. However, only one such extension may be considered due to special circumstances, such as ill health. Reinstatement to the program after withdrawal requires Admissions Committee action and may subject the student to additional requirements for the degree.

Course Requirements

The Professional Administrative License program is generally 1-3 years in length with 18 semester hours of course work required as a minimum for graduation. Of those hours, 15 are core educational courses and 3 hours are practicum.

Other Program Requirements

The university and site mentors will meet to verify the candidate's demonstration and documentation of the following knowledge, skills, and competencies listed in OAR 584-017-0251:

  • Visionary Leadership - Develops, articulates, implements, and stewards a vision by promoting community involvement.
  • Instructional Improvement - Promotes a positive culture and provides effective instructional programs using best practice to design comprehensive professional growth plans.
  • Effective Management - Manages the organization, operations, and resources of the school or district.
  • Inclusive Practice - Collaborates with families, responds to interests/needs, and mobilizes community resources.
  • Ethical Leadership - Acts fairly, ethically, and with integrity.
  • Socio-Political Context - Understands, influences, and responds to the larger context.

Graduation Requirements

In order to complete the Professional Administrative License program students must:

  • Satisfactorily complete a minimum of 18 semester hours with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above.
  • Achieve no grade lower than a B in all core courses. If a grade of a B- or lower is received in a designated course, that course must be retaken (for more specific information, please refer to the student handbook).

Curriculum Plan

Core Courses (15 hours)
ADMN 640 School District Leadership 3
ADMN 642 Administration of Specialized Programs 3
ADMN 643 Executive Leadership for the 21st Century 3
ADMN 644 Program Evaluation for Organizational Success 3
ADMN 646 Managing Organizational Resources 3
Practica (3 hours)
ADMN 648 Professional Administrator Practicum I 2
ADMN 649 Professional Administrator Practicum II 1
ADMN Course Descriptions