CLEP Credit

College credit may be granted in several subject areas for successful completion of College Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests sponsored by the College Board. Students must request official test scores be sent to George Fox University. The registrar’s office processes credit for sufficient scores as test credit on each student’s academic transcript. Course equivalencies and credit hours awarded are maintained by the registrar’s office.

Testing through the CLEP general examinations is designed to verify competency in general education. These examinations are to be taken prior to the completion of the first semester of enrollment as a freshman at George Fox University, and may not be taken if student has already completed course or is registered past the add/drop deadline in an equivalent course.

Testing through the CLEP subject examinations provides verification of competency in selected academic fields. These may be taken at any time (unless concurrently enrolled past the add/drop deadline in or have already taken an equivalent course) and assume competency has been gained in non-classroom settings.

For local testing sites, please refer to the CLEP Test Center Search webpage.