Transfer of Credits

Course credits earned at other regionally accredited institutions with a minimum grade as specified for each student’s program are accepted at full value to the extent that the courses are comparable to George Fox University’s stated requirements. An official transcript from the institution attended showing satisfactory course completion is required. Students attempting to transfer credit from unaccredited institutions will be subject to stricter requirements (such as evaluation of the prior institution’s curriculum and faculty credentials) and may require the submission of catalog and course syllabi for transfer credit to be considered. Transfer hours are not accepted for courses that do not meet program requirements.

Evaluations of academic credit completed at international institutions are evaluated according to policies related to that credit.

Undergraduate credit must carry a grade of pass or C- or better. Graduate credit must carry a grade of pass or B- or better. Incompletes, withdraws, and audits will not be accepted. Transfer credit evaluation is performed by the registrar’s office in conjunction with program faculty. Questions regarding the transfer of credits should be directed to the registrar’s office.

Credit Assessment

Transfer credit will be evaluated and assigned a George Fox University course number based on the closest match between the originating course and the George Fox University course descriptions.

Courses that are not equivalent to a specific course at George Fox University will be assigned to the closest matching four letter department code and assigned a 285 (lower division) or 485 (upper division) number or corresponding number for graduate coursework. HHPA courses will be assigned a 185 (lower division) or 385 (upper division) number.

When the closest match for an originating lower division course is a George Fox University upper division course, the number 285 will be assigned and the student may receive a waiver for the upper division course if required. When the closest match for an originating upper-division course is a George Fox University lower-division course, the student may elect to have a 485 number assigned (to count toward the upper-division course requirement) and receive a waiver for the lower-division course.

Community College Transfer Limits

A maximum of 64 semester hours may be transferred from community colleges. Each course from community college programs is evaluated by the registrar’s office for application to George Fox University requirements.

An accepted Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer Degree (AAOT), Associate of Science Oregon Transfer Degree - Business (ASOTB), Direct Transfer Agreement - Associates Degree (DTA) from Washington, or any Associate of Arts degree from California that includes either the IGETC certificate or the CSU General Education - Breadth requirements will satisfy all general education requirements except Bible and religion. Transfer degrees may not necessarily meet major or minor requirements.

Prior Credit for Veterans

Any veteran receiving GI Bill benefits while attending George Fox University is required to obtain transcripts from all previously attended schools and submit them to the VA School Official for reveiw of prior credit.

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