Special Students

“Special student” is the term used for either of the following:

  1. A student who is not seeking a George Fox University degree or credential. This student is taking courses for personal enrichment or professional certification.
  2. A student who is interested in pursuing a George Fox University degree or credential but has not been formally admitted to study.

Any special student wishing to enter a degree or credential program must fulfill regular admission requirements and be admitted. Special student enrollment does not guarantee subsequent admission to any program/department.

Special students may be required to receive permission from the director or chair of the program prior to enrolling in courses. Some graduate programs limit the number of hours a special student may take or require special approval.

Because of the format of the MAT, MBA, DMin, DPT and cohort portion of the degree completion programs, attendance as a special student is not permitted. The Graduate School of Clinical Psychology chairperson must approve attendance in the PsyD program for special, non-admitted students.

Tuition is based on the current per-credit-hour rate. See Special Student Registration for more information on registration fees and policies for Special Students.