Irregular Credit Hour Course Registration

Students must register for the number of hours that are assigned to a course offered during a given semester. In exceptional cases, a student may be given permission by the registrar’s office to reduce the credit hours for a course by one or two credit hours.

A student can seek such special approval only if:

  1. The reduced hours would otherwise count as “extra hours” not needed in the student’s degree program requirements; and
  2. The professor is agreeable to the reduction. The professor has the option of requiring the student to complete all course requirements even when less credit is granted.
In some cases, students may seek to complete additional credit hours directly related to content of a course for which they may be enrolled during a given semester but beyond the number of semester credits for which the course is offered. Rather than creating and registering for a separate special study course, students can, with approval from the course instructor, department chair/program director, and the registrar, add requirements to those already specified for the course (based on the syllabus). Doing so requires that students specify the additional requirements to be completed, means of evaluation, supporting statement from the instructor, and the number of credit hours by which the course registration is requested to be increased. This information must be submitted to the registrar’s office by the end of the add/drop period for the semester.