Special Study Courses

Courses designated as special studies (with course numbers typically ending in x95) are individualized special study programs not a part of the regular curriculum. Such courses entail research or experience in a particular department with the guidance of an instructor.

Required courses in a student’s degree program are not routinely approved to be completed by special study except in extenuating circumstances. Such circumstances include events that could not have been prevented or anticipated by the student and were beyond his or her control. Examples of situations that will not necessarily be considered extenuating include being too busy, employment demands, or a change of the semester of graduation. Requests to complete a required course by special study must be approved by the supervising instructor, the department chair/program director, the school dean, and the registrar. Application forms are available from the registrar and, when completed, become a learning contract between the student and the instructor.

Undergraduate students may not enroll in more than 4 special study hours in any regular semester and may not accumulate more than 12 special study hours toward a degree program.

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