Mission, Vision and Values

A Christ-Centered Education

Since its founding in 1891, George Fox has been committed to providing a Christian education. Our promise is that each student will be known personally, academically and spiritually – a commitment we will continue to uphold even amidst the uncertain future of higher education.

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A Plan to Remain Viable

George Fox University Students

The rising cost of higher education has outpaced what many families are able to pay. In response, students are earning college credit in high school, families are more mindful of getting a return on their tuition investment, and students are selecting majors with a strong employment track record.

To remain viable, higher education needs to:

  • Rein in costs
  • Offer new general education credit options
  • Offer specialized programs that students and families are looking for 

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One Thing Won’t Change

Even as we pivot to prepare students for careers in the digital economy, one thing won't change: We will remain committed to educate and inspire students to pursue God's calling in whatever field they choose.

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