Standards of Conduct

When enrolling at George Fox University, students agree to respect the expectations and appointed leadership of the institution. All expectations are designed to allow the fullest liberty consistent with efficient work, while at the same time promoting the welfare of the entire campus community.

The university admits students with the understanding they will comply with these expectations in every respect and conduct themselves as responsible citizens. All students are expected to uphold certain standards of behavior, which includes conforming to state and local laws.

Any student whose behavior is dishonest, destructive, unethical, or immoral, or whose conduct is detrimental to the total welfare of the community, shall be subject to disciplinary action that may warrant appropriate consequences, with the most severe possibly resulting in suspension or dismissal.

In accordance with Christian convictions honoring the body as the temple of the Holy Spirit, the university community accepts a lifestyle that forbids immoral sexual behavior and the use, possession, or distribution of illegal drugs. Obscene or pornographic materials or literature, including pornography via the Internet, also are unacceptable. Students are expected to maintain these lifestyle standards both on and off campus.

Responsibilities and expectations for traditional undergraduate students can be found in the Student Handbook.

Students agree to abide by any policies and standards of conduct outlined in their program's student handbook.