Christian Ministries: Theology and Vocation Minor

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Minor Requirements

18 credit hours

Complete the following:

A study of biblical principles of evangelism, nurturing, and teaching. This study encompasses the Christian educational responsibilities of the local church and parachurch agencies.
An exploration of an individual's call to ministry and a study of present praxis in Christian ministry, with emphasis on spiritual formation and community building. This is the first of four semesters. Additional course fee is required. Requires department approval. Prerequisite: sophomore standing or above.
A study of the faith life of the Christian community, expressed through Scripture, traditions, theology and church history, as it relates to Christian theological praxis. This is the second of four semesters. Additional course fee is required. Prerequisite: CHMN 391 Theological Praxis I: Foundations of Self.
A study of various historical and multicultural theological approaches to God and ministry, with an emphasis on the role of context and community in applying theology in different vocational settings. This is the third of four semesters. Additional course fee is required. Prerequisite: CHMN 392 Theological Praxis II: Christian Community.
A co-constructed approach to the application of practical theology to contemporary theological issues within the Christian community. Pulling together the themes in CHMN 391, 392, and 491, students in the course will work with the instructor to select topics for exploration together. This is the fourth of four semesters. Additional course fee required. Prerequisite: CHMN 491 Theological Praxis III: Study of Theology.

Choose one of the following:

This course examines the diversity of the global Christian Church through an exploration of key theological texts written by the foremost theologians from the continents of Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Europe.
As an introduction to Christian theology, this course considers the basic doctrines of the Christian faith and their application to contemporary living.