Christian Ministries: Youth Ministry Minor

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Minor Requirements

18 credit hours

Complete the following:

A study of biblical principles of evangelism, nurturing, and teaching. This study encompasses the Christian educational responsibilities of the local church and parachurch agencies.
A study of some of the major trends and issues confronting and shaping young people in American culture today. A premium is placed upon developing the tools to interact with these realities as Christians in ministry and to recognize ways in which youth culture both hinders and fosters opportunities for ministry to young people.
This course focuses upon the development of hands on skills for ministry. Public speaking, leading small groups, developing relationships with young people for ministry, and planning, organizing and executing group events are topics of focus throughout the course.
A study of motivation, guidance, and method in reference to youth and youth ministries, aimed at developing leadership skills.
A study of theory and technique of person-centered counseling. The course is designed to teach basic theoretical postulates and to focus on effective intervention skills for those anticipating future work in Christian ministries, teaching, or mental health settings. Recommended as a prerequisite for field experience work (PSYC 475). (Identical to CHMN 381.) Prerequisites: PSYC 150 General Psychology and sophomore status or above. Recommended: PSYC 330 Personality Theories.
Supervised internship in areas of Christian ministry, with emphasis on application of methods learned. Prerequisite: upper-division students and by application. Pass/No Pass.

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This course examines the diversity of the global Christian Church through an exploration of key theological texts written by the foremost theologians from the continents of Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Europe.
As an introduction to Christian theology, this course considers the basic doctrines of the Christian faith and their application to contemporary living.