Recreation Minor

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Minor Requirements

17 credit hours

Complete the following:

This course is intended to introduce the basics of swimming and is appropriate for all ranges of swimming aptitude. This course will teach the five basic swimming strokes along with other aquatic activities and will prepare students who intend to pursue certification as a lifeguard and/or obtain the Water Safety Instructor's certification. Additional course fee is required.
A survey of the history and development of physical education and athletics in America. The course will also emphasize fundamental principles of physical education and sport.
A study of theory and practice of experiential leadership in adventure and recreation education/programming. Leadership styles, techniques, methods, and practices will be the core subjects taught in this highly experiential class involving an outdoor lab component. Additional course fee required.
Instruction in first aid and safety and leading to certification in first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR). Additional course fee is required.
A study of causes, symptoms, and results of stress. Introduces practical techniques to alleviate stress, promote relaxation, and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Students must choose one of the following options for 3 semester hours:

Choose three of the following:

The 300-level of these courses may be substituted for the 100-level.
Students will learn the skills and knowledge necessary to prepare for and enjoy a safe wilderness camping experience. Specific skills include planning and packing for a trip, choosing appropriate equipment and clothing, preparing nutritious foods while in the outdoors, managing risk and appropriately responding in emergencies, reading maps, route finding, using a compass, and using the wilderness responsibly and courteously. Additional course fee is required.
Instruction in basic to intermediate steps and etiquette in ballroom dance including 6 count and 8 count swing, fox-trot, waltz, and tango.
At the end of the course the student will be able to justify the need for emergency preparedness; elaborate on the philosophical, psychological, and physiological aspects of survival; demonstrate the basic skills necessary to keeping alive in emergencies; and demonstrate ability to improvise in wilderness survival situations. Additional course fee is required.
This course is designed to improve your skiing or snowboarding. You will learn new skills, improve your fitness, enjoy new challenges on the mountain, and gain a renewed appreciation of God's gifts and creation. Specific objectives depend on your level of expertise and will be explained by your professional ski/snowboard instructor.

Complete the following:

3 hours required
A seminar dealing with various topics, as announced, that represent current faculty interests and competencies.