Bachelors (BA) in Arts Administration and Visual Culture

The Arts Administration and Visual Culture program immerses students in the whole art ecology, including the cultural environment in which art and arts organizations operate; the role of artists in society; how artwork is documented, presented and interpreted; the structure and management of organizations that display artwork -- both nonprofit and for-profit; and the role of art theorists, critics, curators, and collectors.

The program curriculum considers how education in arts organizations expands knowledge and builds audiences, the increasing role of art in urban development and public spaces, and new approaches and tools for encouraging access and participation. A strong emphasis is placed on acquiring the theoretical and practical tools for fundraising, financial management, marketing, and knowledge of new media and technology in the visual arts.

The versatile faculty is made up of artists and designers who actively produce and exhibit their creative work − artists who are leaders in their various fields of discipline. They love to teach because they love what they teach. Our faculty is equipped to motivate, inspire and nurture; they become true mentors to their students. The faculty of the Department of Art and Design believe it is necessary for students to become leaders rather than followers, to become the next generation of gifted creative artists and designers and to become art professionals in the ever-growing number of contemporary art and art-related careers.

More information about the arts administration and visual culture major can be found on the art major admissions page.

Core (17 hours)
ARTS 105 Professional Networking (must take three times) 3
ARTS 111 Drawing I 3
ARTS 217 Art History Survey from 1450 3
ARTS 305 Professional Networking (must take twice) 2
ARTS 460 Art and Christ 3
Students must choose one of the following courses below.
ARTS 101 Basic Design 2-D 3
ARTS 102 Basic Design 3-D 3

Arts Administration Major Requirements (24 hours)
ARTS 216 Art History Survey to 1450 3
ARTS 220 Arts Administration I 3
ARTS 276 Arts Administration Practicum 3
ARTS 320 Arts Administration II 3
ARTS 355 Topics in Art History: Women in Art History 3
ARTS 355 Topics in Art History: any non-Western 3
ARTS 382 Twentieth-Century Art 3
ARTS 384 Contemporary Art Forms 3

Studio Electives (9 hours)
Students must choose three studio electives from the following list of courses.
ARTS 2XX Studio Elective 3
ARTS 2XX Studio Elective 3
ARTS 2XX Studio Elective 3

Electives (9 hours)
Students must choose three electives from the following list of courses.
BUSN 303 Planning Your Financial Future 3
COMM 270 Introduction to Organizational Communication 3
COMM 320 Introduction to Public Relations 3
HIST 393 Public History 3
MGMT 260 Principles of Management 3
MKTG 260 Principles of Marketing 3
WRIT 310 Professional Writing 3