Bachelors (BA) in Graphic Design

The graphic design major provides students the opportunity to develop an informed design practice built on a rich understanding of the principles of design, the impact of visual communication, and a variety of strategies for creative problem solving.

Encompassing a broad range of media, the curriculum focuses on powerful visual communication and research-based design solutions. Starting with coursework that establishes a strong understanding of foundational formal principles, typographic sensitivity, compositional strategy, and ensures knowledge of current industry-standard software the major then opens up to offer students the opportunity to study the most prevalent uses of design including print, packaging, branding and identity systems, campaigns, web design, and systematic design projects.

Through the curriculum, students are introduced to rich design processes that include idea generation, creative research, problem definition, concept development, sketching, prototyping, image making, typography, print production, and the production of interactive media. All design students take part in an internship and work directly with clients during their course of study. Design majors graduate the program with experience and knowledge that prepares them to join design studios, lead in-house design teams, or launch their own independent design practice.

The versatile faculty is made up of artists and designers who actively produce and exhibit their creative work − artists who are leaders in their various fields of discipline. They love to teach because they love what they teach. Our faculty is equipped to motivate, inspire and nurture; they become true mentors to their students. The faculty of the Department of Art and Design believe it is necessary for students to become leaders rather than followers, to become the next generation of gifted creative artists and designers and to become art professionals in the ever-growing number of contemporary art and art-related careers.

More information about the graphic design major can be found on the art major admissions page.

Core (17 hours)
ARTS 101 Basic Design 2-D 3
ARTS 105 Professional Networking (must take three times) 3
ARTS 111 Drawing I 3
ARTS 305 Professional Networking (must take twice) 2
ARTS 460 Art and Christ 3
Students must complete one of the courses listed below:
ARTS 217 Art History Survey from 1450 3
ARTS 382 Twentieth-Century Art 3

Technical Coursework (6 hours)
The technical coursework establishes foundational software knowledge in industry-standard programs, equipping students to create work for a wide-range of media.
ARTD 110 Creative Suite 3
ARTD 211 Illustration and Logo Craft 1
ARTD 212 Image Construction and Photoshop 1
ARTD 213 Digital Layout 1

Contextual Coursework (13-14 hours)
The contextual coursework immerses students in historic, social, and contemporary practices related to the field of design.
ARTD 200 Design Process and Thinking 3
ARTD 363 History of Visual Communication 3
ARTD 373 Creative Action Studio 3
ARTD 393 Design in Practice 2-3
ARTD 492 Portfolio Development 2

Graphic Design Core (18 hours)
The graphic design core is a series of project-driven coursework that covers the most frequent applications and outcomes developed by graphic designers.
ARTD 220 Typography 3
ARTD 250 Print and Packaging 3
ARTD 270 Web Design I 3
ARTD 383 Interaction Design 3
ARTD 453 Systems and Identity 3
ARTD 481 Collaborative Design 3