Bachelors (BA) in Illustration

The illustration program equips students to tell stories, develop characters, convey ideas and craft imagery for commercial, social, and editorial projects. An illustrator's work is defined by their ability to problem solve and communicate visually with public audiences rather than their use of a particular media. Therefore, within the curriculum, Illustration majors are offered a broad-base of study, gaining exposure to foundational image-making practices and compositional strategies, historic and contemporary methods of visual communication, as well as a combination of traditional studio practices and digital production techniques. Throughout the program, students can expect to craft work physically, via a lense, and digitally as well as craft objects in 2, 3, or 4 dimensions.

Over their course of study, the curriculum prepares students to enter the market as independent artists with distinct approaches to idea generation and a honed personal vision. Whether working with paint or drawing on screen using a Wacom tablet, Illustration majors develop skills and techniques necessary for the kinds of powerful storytelling that have long served as a way of invigorating and re-igniting culture, rallying political movements, and embodying cultural values.

The versatile faculty is made up of artists and designers who actively produce and exhibit their creative work − artists who are leaders in their various fields of discipline. They love to teach because they love what they teach. Our faculty is equipped to motivate, inspire and nurture; they become true mentors to their students. The faculty of the Department of Art and Design believe it is necessary for students to become leaders rather than followers, to become the next generation of gifted creative artists and designers and to become art professionals in the ever-growing number of contemporary art and art-related careers.

More information about the illustration major can be found on the art major admissions page.

Core (20 hours)
ARTS 101 Basic Design 2-D 3
ARTS 102 Basic Design 3-D 3
ARTS 105 Professional Networking (must take three times) 3
ARTS 111 Drawing I 3
ARTS 305 Professional Networking (must take twice) 2
ARTS 460 Art and Christ 3
Students must complete one of the courses listed below:
ARTS 217 Art History Survey from 1450 3
ARTS 382 Twentieth-Century Art 3

Illustration Core Requirements (25 hours)
ARTD 110 Creative Suite 3
ARTD 211 Illustration and Logo Craft 1
ARTD 212 Image Construction and Photoshop 1
ARTD 351 Motion Graphics 3
ARTD 360 Illustration I 3
ARTD 461 Illustration II 3
ARTD 462 Dimensional Illustration 3
ARTD 492 Portfolio Development 2
ARTS 112 Drawing II 3
ARTS 311 Figure Drawing I 3

Electives (9 hours)
Students must choose three electives from the following list of courses.
ARTD 220 Typography 3
ARTD 250 Print and Packaging 3
ARTD 390 Design in Practice 3
ARTS 201 Beginning Painting 3
ARTS 231 Printmaking I 3
ARTS 310 Watercolor 3
CINE 210 Storyboarding and Concept Design 3
CINE 212 Introduction to Animation 3
CINE 214 2D Computer Animation 3