Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA) in Interior Design

The Interior Design major educates students to become creative and responsible designers of residential and commercial spaces. Program components emphasize problem solving in applied design studios. With a focus on spatial design and space planning complimented by surface decoration, students learn to design environments for living, working, business, health, hospitality, retail and recreation. As courses progress, students are challenged by design problems that increase in size and complexity, and develop an understanding of sustainable building and reuse on human health, well-being and performance. Program curriculum and outcomes are all directly tied to NCIDQ Certification competencies, preparing students for future field certification.

The versatile faculty is made up of artists and designers who actively produce and exhibit their creative work − artists who are leaders in their various fields of discipline. They love to teach because they love what they teach. Our faculty is equipped to motivate, inspire and nurture; they become true mentors to their students. The faculty of the Department of Art and Design believe it is necessary for students to become leaders rather than followers, to become the next generation of gifted creative artists and designers and to become art professionals in the ever-growing number of contemporary art and art-related careers.

More information about the interior design major can be found on the art major admissions page.

Core (23 hours)
ARTD 110 Creative Suite 3
ARTS 101 Basic Design 2-D 3
ARTS 102 Basic Design 3-D 3
ARTS 105 Professional Networking (must take three times) 3
ARTS 111 Drawing I 3
ARTS 305 Professional Networking (must take twice) 2
ARTS 460 Art and Christ 3
Student must take one of the following courses.
ARTS 217 Art History Survey from 1450 3
ARTS 382 Twentieth-Century Art 3
Interior Design Major Requirements (41-43 hours)
INTD 200 Interior Foundations 3
INTD 210 Textile Foundations 3
INTD 212 Materials and Resources 2
INTD 213 Lighting for Interiors 1.5
INTD 220 Architectural Rendering 3
INTD 300 Space Planning and Programming 3
INTD 311 Detailing Interiors 3
INTD 320 Informed Interior I: Building Systems 2
INTD 321 Informed Interior II: Building Codes 2
INTD 331 CADD II 1.5
INTD 360 History of Art, Architecture and Furniture 3
INTD 411 Residential Design Studio 3
INTD 412 Commercial Design Studio 3
INTD 431 Digital Construction Lab I 1
INTD 432 Digital Construction Lab II 1
INTD 475 Interior Design Internship 1-3
INTD 492 Interior Design Professional Practice 2