Bachelors (BA) in Studio Arts

The studio art major fosters the development of collaborative, resourceful and creative makers who work in a research-based practice informed by contemporary and historical art and culture. Students work in a variety of two-, three-, and four-dimensional media, including, but not limited to sculpture, painting, drawing, photography and lens-based media, print media and utilitarian ceramics.

Emphasis is placed on critical thinking, problem solving, and risk-taking throughout the program, encouraging students to develop the confidence to experiment and self-reliance to become courageous life-long learners. Instruction in the technical competencies and skills of the studio practice partnered with conceptual strengthening projects and polished off with professional and business practice capstone work to send out emergent practitioners out equipped for a life of successful creating and earning.

The versatile faculty is made up of artists and designers who actively produce and exhibit their creative work − artists who are leaders in their various fields of discipline. They love to teach because they love what they teach. Our faculty is equipped to motivate, inspire and nurture; they become true mentors to their students. The faculty of the Department of Art and Design believe it is necessary for students to become leaders rather than followers, to become the next generation of gifted creative artists and designers and to become art professionals in the ever-growing number of contemporary art and art-related careers.

More information about the studio arts major can be found on the art major admissions page.

Core (20 hours)
ARTS 101 Basic Design 2-D 3
ARTS 102 Basic Design 3-D 3
ARTS 105 Professional Networking (must take three times) 3
ARTS 111 Drawing I 3
ARTS 217 Art History Survey from 1450 3
ARTS 305 Professional Networking (must take twice) 2
ARTS 460 Art and Christ 3

Studio Major Requirements (21 hours)
ARTS 112 Drawing II 3
ARTS 216 Art History Survey to 1450 3
ARTS 355 Topics in Art History 3
ARTS 382 Twentieth-Century Art 3
ARTS 384 Contemporary Art Forms 3
ARTS 491 Senior Thesis I 3
ARTS 492 Senior Thesis II 3

Students must choose 15 semester hours from the following list of courses.
ARTS 201 Beginning Painting 3
ARTS 221 Beginning Sculpture 3
ARTS 230 Beginning Photography 3
ARTS 231 Printmaking 3
ARTS 240 Beginning Mixed Media 3
ARTS 241 Beginning Ceramics 3
ARTS 301 Intermediate Painting 3
ARTS 310 Watercolor 3
ARTS 321 Intermediate Sculpture 3
ARTS 330 Intermediate Photography 3
ARTS 331 Intermediate Printmaking 3
ARTS 340 Intermediate Mixed Media 3
ARTS 341 Intermediate Ceramics 3
ARTS 345 Selected Studio Media 3
ARTS 401 Advanced Painting 3
ARTS 410 Watercolor II 3
ARTS 421 Advanced Sculpture 3
ARTS 430 Advanced Photography 3
ARTS 431 Advanced Printmaking 3
ARTS 440 Advanced Mixed Media 3
ARTS 441 Advanced Ceramics 3