Bachelors (BA) in Communication Arts

The communication arts major offers a 45-semester-hour course of study that features an interdisciplinary approach to communication that integrates the interests of speech communication, journalism and media, with a common core of courses in communication and rhetorical theory. Students are required to obtain a minimum grade of C- in all courses taken for the major.

Degree Outcomes

Graduates with a BA in communication arts will:

  • Understand core communication concepts and theories
  • Practice ethical communication
  • Apply speaking skills in public contexts
  • Evaluate the messages that they hear as well as the messages they give
  • Describe a plan to become a person of influence in a diverse society and world

Major Requirements

Performance Core (18 hours)
COMM 100 Introduction to Communication 3
COMM 190 Introduction to Communication Research Methods 3
COMM 200 Persuasive Communication 3
COMM 210 Interpersonal Communication 3
COMM 220/420 Intercultural Communication 3
COMM 324 Argumentation and Critical Thinking 3

Students must choose one of the following courses:
WRIT 230 Introduction to Journalism 3
WRIT 310 Professional Writing 3
Theory Core (9 hours)
COMM 300 Communication Theory and Research 3
COMM 400 Critical Approaches to Communication 3
COMM 480 Senior Capstone: Ethical and Spiritual Dimensions of Communication 3
Practicum (3 hours)
Students must choose 3 semester hours from the following courses:  
COMM 305 Professional Communication or Scholarly Activities 1-3
COMM 475 Field Experience (pass/no pass grading only) 1-3
Electives (12 hours)
(Students should choose their electives under the guidance of their advisors. Not more than 3 hours should be in practicum courses.)
CHMN 420 Speaking as Ministry 3

Students may also choose up to 6 semester hours of writing courses toward their major electives from the following:
WRIT 210 Practical Grammar and Editing 3
WRIT 230 Introduction to Journalism 3
WRIT 310 Professional Writing 3
WRIT 330 Magazine and Feature Writing 3

Communication arts (COMM) coursework at 200-level or above

Cinema and media communication (CMCO) coursework 3-12