Computer Science Department

The function and influence of the computer is pervasive throughout society. Computers process data from banks, communications satellites, video games, and even the fuel and ignition systems of automobiles. Computer software is as commonplace in the areas of education and recreation as it is in science and business. Every field or profession relies upon computer science for the problem-solving skills and the production expertise required in the efficient processing of information. Computer scientists, therefore, function in a wide variety of roles ranging from pure theory and design to programming and marketing.

The computer and information science curriculum places an emphasis on both theoretical and practical computer science. A broad range of upper-division courses is available in such areas as artificial intelligence, the analysis of algorithms, client-server systems, computer architecture and design, computer communications, database management, and software engineering.

The following majors and minors are offered by the Department of Computer Science at George Fox University.



More information about programs and faculty of the computer and information science department can be found on the Computer and Information Science Degree Program page.