BA (Post Baccalaureate) in American Culture and Language

The American language and culture major is a 30-semester-hour course of study for international students who have earned a bachelor’s degree at a university outside of the United States and whose native language is not English. The major is designed to equip such students with the advanced academic English language skills and foundational cultural knowledge of the United States needed to excel in graduate degree programs at George Fox University.

The program will help international students adapt to academic expectations and practices of the United States and develop greater familiarity with the cultural context of graduate study. Students are required to obtain a minimum grade of B- in all core ACLA courses and a minimum grade of C- in all other courses required for the major with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above.

Major Requirements

ACLA 481 Reading and Vocabulary for Academia 3
ACLA 482 Writing and Research for Academia 5
ACLA 483 Speech and Listening for Academia 3
ACLA 484 Research and Study Skills 4
BIBL 103 Introduction to Biblical Knowledge 3

Students must choose one of the following courses:
ACLA 490 United States Culture 3
COMM 420 Intercultural Communication 3

Students must choose one of the following courses:
HIST 151 United States to 1865 3
HIST 152 United States from 1865 3

Students must choose one of the following courses:
PSCI 150 Introduction to Political Science 3
PSCI 190 American Government 3

Students must choose at least three semester hours of electives in consultation with their advisor†


†Students who are applying to a graduate program at George Fox University with outstanding prerequisite coursework are encouraged to take those prerequisites as part of their electives for the American language and culture major.