Women's Studies Minor

18 credit hours

Minor Requirements

LITR 280 Literary Foundations of Women's Studies 3
LITR 480 International Women's Voices 3

Students must take one of the following courses:
BIBL 315 Biblical Studies: Women and the Bible 3
LITR 380 Gender Theory 3
PHIL 313 Feminist Philosophy 3

Students must choose 9 semester credits from the following:
ARTS 355 Topics in Art History: Women in Art 3
COMM 410 Gender Communication Across Cultures 3
RELI 215 Religion and Theology: Women's Voices in Contemporary Theology 3
RELI 215 Religion and Theology: Women in Church History 3
SOCI 220 Men and Women in Society 3
SOCI 223 Sociology of Families 3
Selected Topic courses offered with the appropriate objectives, such as RELI 215, will only fulfill the requirements if they are offered under the titles listed above, or are otherwise approved by the Women's Studies faculty advisor.