Bachelors (BS) in Exercise Science

Exercise Science offers a 58- to 59-semester-hour interdisciplinary course of study, designed to prepare students for work in the field of physical therapy and the exercise science fields. The major includes strong emphasis on science and health and human performance fields. Students are also prepared for fields outside of physical therapy and exercise science. This major can assist students seeking advanced degrees in the fields of occupational therapy, chiropractic and the physician assistant profession.

Students are required to obtain a minimum grade of C- in all courses taken for the major.

Degree Outcomes

Graduates with a degree in exercise science will:

  • Develop a passion for learning about the human body and have a greater appreciation for its development, function and spiritual nature
  • Use scientific research processes effectively to ask relevant questions, collect data, present results and evaluate results
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the scientific constructs and application of principles to lead clients to better health
  • Possess the requisite knowledge to work in science-related fields related to exercise and physical activity
  • Have readiness to pursue advanced educational training in exercise science or to enter professional schools in the health sciences

Major Requirements

Core Requirements (49 hours)
BIOL 221 Human Anatomy & Physiology I 4
BIOL 222 Human Anatomy & Physiology II 4
CHEM 211 General Chemistry I 4
CHEM 212 General Chemistry II 4
COMM 100 Introduction to Communication 3
PHYS 201 General Physics I 4
PHYS 202 General Physics II 4
PSYC 150 General Psychology 3
MATH 240 Statistical Procedures OR PSYC 240 Statistical Procedures 3
HHPE 390 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries 3
HHPE 394 Kinesiology 3
HHPE 430 Exercise Physiology
HHPE 470 Motor Development and Motor Skill Learning 3
HHPE 475 HHP Field Experience: Exercise Science
HHPE 490 Senior Seminar 1
Biology Elective (4 hours)
Students must choose one course from the following:
BIOL 211 General Biology I 4
BIOL 322 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy 4
BIOL 333 Advanced Physiology 4
BIOL 335 Neuroscience 4
Additional Elective Requirements (5-6 hours)
Students must choose two courses from the following:
HHPE 228 Principles of Conditioning 2
HHPE 401 Physical Exam of the Lower Extremities in Athletic Training 3
HHPE 402 Physical Exam of the Spine and Upper Extremities in Athletic Training 3
PSYC 310 Lifespan Human Development 3
PSYC 312 Adult Development 3
PSYC 314 Adolescent Development 3
PSYC 320 Neuroscience 3
PSYC 420 Abnormal Psychology 3
Optional Electives

Choices of the following are dependent upon the direction the student has previously selected with regard to graduate school or profession. However, a student isn't required to take any of these courses. Some courses listed below are only offered every other year. Plan accordingly.

HHPE 366 General Medical Conditions in Athletic Training 2
HHPE 384 Pharmacology in Athletic Training 1
HHPE 413 Therapeutic Exercise 2
HHPE 414 Therapeutic Modalities 2
HHPE 420 Exercise Prescription 3
HHPE 480 Tests and Measurements in Physical Education 2
HLTH 300 Nutrition 3