Bachelors (BS) in Interdisciplinary Studies: Health and Human Performance

An interdisciplinary studies major may be elected through application and approval of the health and human performance faculty. The student must show how the proposed major meets reasonable academic and vocational objectives. An interdisciplinary studies major in health and human performance consists of 48 semester hours – 24 semester hours as specified below and 24 semester hours in another major field.

Major Requirements

EDUC 334 Health and Physical Education Methods 3
HHPA 109 Ballroom Dancing 1
HHPA 130 Aquatics† 1
HHPE 228 Principles of Conditioning 2
HHPE 370 Camp Programming and Counseling 2
HHPE 380 Experiential Recreational Leadership 3
HHPE 440 Camp Administration 2
HLTH 230 First Aid and Safety 1

Health education (HLTH) or human performance (HHPA or HHPE) coursework (5 semester hours must be 200-level or above)


†A Red Cross Lifeguarding or Water Safety Instructor Certificate can be used to waive this requirement