Bachelors (BA) in International Studies

The International Studies program prepares students to think and act as citizens of the world. The program integrates insights from multiple disciplines – economics, politics, geography, and religion, among others – in order to provide a rigorous education in the complex dynamics of an increasingly interdependent world. Graduates will be equipped with the skills necessary to effectively engage the world and its multitude of cultures, with foreign language capabilities, cross-cultural awareness and experience, and critical thinking and analysis. 

The international studies major offers a 48- to 50-semester-hour course of study, preparing students for internationally focused careers in business, government, education, non-governmental organizations and church-related work such as missions. It also provides excellent preparation for graduate study in a variety of disciplines, including international relations, diplomacy and development, among others. The major includes a strong international fieldwork emphasis, with required cultural immersion and internship components. Students are required to obtain a minimum grade of C- in all courses taken for the major.

Degree Outcomes

Graduates with a BA in international studies will:

  • Understand and explain the complexity of international affairs
  • Communicate about global issues with Christian insight and wisdom
  • Demonstrate preparedness to work, serve and learn in international contexts with sufficient global awareness
  • Able to live skillfully and act sensitively in multicultural environments
  • Act as people of influence in global spheres

Major Requirements

INTL 220/420 Intercultural Communications 3
INTL 200 Cultural Geography and Global Relations 3
INTL 230 Introduction to International Affairs 3
INTL 260 Global Awareness Proseminar 1
INTL 310 Cultural Anthropology 3
INTL 330 Politics of the Developing World 3
INTL 370 International Economic Development 3
INTL 375 Cultural Immersion 8
INTL 440 World Religions 3
INTL 475 Internship 3
INTL 490 International Studies Senior Seminar 3

The second year of a modern foreign language


Students must choose an additional 6 credits from the following courses:
ECON 463 International Trade and Finance 3
GBSN 300 Global Business 3
HIST 250 Latin America 3
HIST 340 History of the Middle East 3
HIST 343 History of Southern Africa  3
HIST 360 Modern Russia 3
HIST 370 Modern China and Japan 3
HIST 422 Europe 1890-Present 3
INTL 475 Internship (additional) 3
LITR 238 Contemporary World Literature 3
LITR 480 International Women's Voices 3
PSCI 253 Comparative Government  3
PSCI 303 International Conflict and Peace  3
PSCI 383 International Organizations and International Law 3
RELI 330 Introduction to the World Christian Movement 3
RELI 360 Cross-Cultural Christian Outreach 3
SPAN 350 Latin American Culture and Civilization 3

Supporting Minors for International Studies

International studies is an interdisciplinary major designed for students with an interest in international vocations. Students taking this major as preparation for foreign missionary service or graduate studies in missions and intercultural concerns are encouraged to take a minor in the Christian Studies Department (in biblical studies, missions or religion). Students with interest in diplomacy or politics are encouraged to consider a minor in political science or peace studies. Those wishing to prepare for work in relief and development should consider a minor in management or economics.