Certificate in Conflict Management

15 credit hours

The Center for Peace and Justice coordinates a special course of study in conflict management designed to give students concentrated preparation for practical peacemaking in their work, church, community and family. Students will study the theory of communication and conflict resolution, be introduced to relevant skills, and equip themselves to apply this learning in a variety of action settings.

Credits taken toward the certificate may also be applied also toward general education, major or minor requirements. Successful students will receive a certificate of completion upon graduation.

Certificate Requirements

PSCI 310 Conflict Resolution (3) 3
PSCI 410 Community Mediation (3) 3

Students must choose one of the following courses:
COMM 200 Persuasive Communication (3) 3
COMM 210 Interpersonal Communication (3) 3

Students must choose one of the following courses:
PSYC 381 Counseling (3) 3
MGMT 480 Organizational Behavior (3) 3
SOCI 300 Group Dynamics (3) 3

Field experience in a conflict resolution or mediation program or agency tailored to the individual student's needs†


†Should be taken after PSCI 410 Community Mediation or concurrently with it